Closet Showcase

Living in a townhouse can pose a bit of a problem when it comes to closets – there are just not enough of them. And the ones that I do have are pretty small. Recently, I did some closet revamping and thought I would share.

First up, the Garage Entry closet. This is where luggage, boots, sleeping bags, etc. is stored. This closet just needed a little TLC, so I rummaged through everything, got rid of a few things, and mainly just made it look pretty by better utilizing the shelves and floor space.



















Next up is the Entryway closet near our front door, where coats, mittens, and shoes are kept. I use the 3-drawer container for all of the winter gear, a shoe shelf to hold our many shoes, and a container for all of the flip flops on the top shelf of the shoe rack. I LOVE storage bins – these are from Target and I use them in every closet in my house. Here I used them to store Decor {Holiday, etc.} and printed out some cute labels from Better Homes and Gardens.



















The Linen closet is next on the list. You know the drill – towels, bathroom supplies, toilet paper, etc. I used a few more storage bins to hold duvet covers, sheets, and pillow cases {it allows for them to stack nicely and not topple over} and a 3-drawer container to keep our medicine organized.



















Only a few more left…

Here we have the Laundry closet. The storage bins hold rags and cleaning supplies, and I also store all of our not-so-nice towels on the shelf for random messes that I don’t want to use our nicer towels for. Lastly, I added a few trays to hold the detergent and stain removers, so it doesn’t drip all over the place.







Last but not least, is the Pantry closet. This one has been a bit of a challenge for me because a lot of “stuff”has to fit in here. We keep a little of everything in this closet {snacks, kitchen supplies, large holiday decor, recycling, and misc. tools.} and it requires organizing on a regular basis. Today, it’s not looking too bad…



















I hope this post has inspired at least a few of you to re-vamp your closets, and if you need a little help, give me a call!


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