Space Saver: DVD Organization

One relaxing Sunday afternoon, as I was blogging and surfing the web, I decided that it was a perfect day for a movie. The weather had quickly shifted from Summer to Fall, and staying inside my cozy home sounded like a great idea! As I went upstairs to browse through our DVD’s, I began to realize what a mess they were. They were not organized at all, and sort of just thrown in the storage ottoman that holds them. After taking all of them out, I eventually found one that I wanted to watch {Sweet Home Alabama – always a classic}. But, it got me thinking that I really need to do something about this. There just has to be a better way to organize all of these DVD’s.

As I watched my movie and continued my web surfing, with this new project in mind, I ran across a post on one of my favorite organization blogging websites, iheart organizing. This woman is amazing, and so inspiring for crazy organizers like me! Her skills put mine to shame, but it is always so fun looking through all of the projects she features on her blog. Turns out, this post was all the inspiration I needed, so I went to pick up a few items at target and got to work on the project!

Here is the before picture. I suppose it could have been a lot worse, but I did have several issues with it; 1) The DVD cases took up so much space that I couldn’t see what was in there, and 2) It would take forever to find the movie you were looking for because it was not in any particular order.









After examining what I was working with, I made a list of materials that I needed and materials that I had, and I headed off to Target.

I picked up the following items {Pictured Below}:

Next, I took all of the DVD’s out of their cases and threw the cases away. Then, I sorted them into alphabetized piles, and placed them into the bin in alphabetical order, separated by the cards.

And…Voila! Here is the final product {with room to add many more DVD’s}!


















I did end up keeping some of our Concert and TV Series DVD’s in their case, to keep them all together. But as you can see, getting rid of all of the DVD cases saved me so much space, where I can now see everything that is in the storage bin and can browse for DVD’s by title. I love it!

Feel free to contact me for tips, or details of any of the projects featured on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time!


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